Olga Leshchenko

Box: 146
Phone: 88-2379
Room: E-201
Email: Olga.Leshchenko@uni-konstanz.de

Office hours: By appointment.


► Research Assistant / Doctoral Fellow at the Graduate School of the Social and Behavioural Sciences (GSBS) at the University of Konstanz.

Research Interests

- Health and Well-Being
- Labour Market Sociology
- Gender Inequalities
- Quantitative Methods


10/2021 - present
University of Konstanz, Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. PhD in Sociology.

10/2018 - 09/2021
Freie Universität Berlin. M.A. in Sociology - European Societies.

09/2014 - 06/2018
National Research University Higher School of Economics. Moscow, Russia. B.A. in Sociology.

Employment / Research Experience

10/2021 - present
Research Assistant / Doctoral Candidate at the University of Konstanz, Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality"

Student Assistant at the University of Potsdam, Chair of Comparative Politics

Student Assistant at the Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Information Systems at the School of Business and Economics

Student Assistant at the Freie Universität Berlin, Chair of Politics at the Institute for East European Studies

01/2019- 09/2019
Student Assistant at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Research Unit Institutions and Political Inequality

Research Assistant at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Research and Study Laboratory for Studies in Business Communications

Teaching Experience

University of Potsdam. Course Conceptualization and Measurement in the Analysis of Autocracy and Democracy. Teaching R Sessions.

09/2016 - 06/2018
National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Course Methodology and Methods for Sociological Research. Teaching assistant.


Nemcˇok M., Bosancianu C. M., Leshchenko O. and Kluknavska ́ A. Softening the Corrective Effect of Populism: How Populist Parties Increase Political Interest, Not Turnout, among Individuals (in preparation, conditionally accepted to the Special Issue of West European Politics).

Leshchenko O. Life Trajectories and Emigrational Mood of Youth: Case of Ryazan Region // Business. Society. Power. 2018. Nr3(29). P. 131-138. URL: https://www.hse.ru/mag/27364712/2018--29/228775169.html

Leshchenko O., Sokolova A. Comparative Research of Trust Towards Healthcare // Statistical Methods for Analysis of the Economy and Society. 8th International Academic Conference for Students and Graduate Students. Reports of Conference. M.: NRU HSE, 2017. P. 243–245. URL: https://stm.hse.ru/mirror/pubs/share/direct/206321523

Leshchenko O., Sokolova A. Institutional and Personal Trust to Healthcare: a Survey in Moscow // Methods and Procedures of Sociological Research: Traditions and Innovations. Collection of Papers dedicated to the first dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Alexander O. Kryshtanovsky / ed. by Oleg A. Oberemko. M.: SRU HSE, 2017. P. 213–225.