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Colloquium Empirical Social Research in the winter term 2022/2023 - Tuesday, 6:15 - 7:45 p.m.

In the winter term 2022/2023, the research colloquium is organized as a hybrid event by the organizing professors Maarten Buis, Thomas Hinz, Sebastian Koos, Susanne Strauß und Felix Wolter (representing Claudia Diehl). Further information such as abstracts or working papers on individual lectures will be made available on ILIAS. Please find the program below.

Guests are welcome. For online participation, please register by email via the secretariat of the AG Hinz , so that we can send the access links. The access links will also be provided on ILIAS.

Please note the privacy policy, which you agree to by participating in the online events via Zoom.

► International researchers will present current research results on different topics of empirical social research and will discuss them with the participants of the colloquium.

Colloquium for Exam Candidates, PhD Students and Post-Docs

In this colloquium, MA students as well as PhD students and Post-Docs working in the field of education, migration and gender, present (parts of) their work. They will receive a feedback regarding contents and methodology from their peers and their teachers.

Please find more information on ZEuS.