Theses in the Bachelor's and Master's programme of Sociology

Prof. Strauss supervises final theses of students who have attended at least one seminar with a teacher from her working group. In the Bachelor's programme, it is particularly suitable to write the thesis following a project seminar. Preference is given to theses that conduct their own empirical analyses, preferably on the basis of quantitative secondary data, such as SOEP, pairfam, SHARE or NEPS. Information on these data can be found on the respective websites of these datasets.

The following (non-exhaustive) list of topic areas provides an insight into possible overarching themes for theses under the supervision of Prof. Strauss:

  • Gender inequalities in the labour market-
  • Gender inequalities in the education system
  • Reconciliation of employment and childcare
  • Reconciling employment and care responsibilities
  • Perception of inequalities

You have to develop a concrete research question for your thesis from these main topics. Please contact Prof. Strauss by email with a concrete idea of which topic you would like to work on. Describe it on about half a page, answering the following questions: Which research question do I want to answer? On the basis of what data is this possible? On the basis of which theories do I want to develop my hypotheses? Then make an appointment via email with Prof. Strauss to discuss the direction of the thesis on the basis of these first formulated ideas.