Research of the Working Group Sociology with a focus on Gender Studies

The Working Group „Sociology with a focus on Gender Studies“ concentrates on the following topics in research and teaching: 1) gender inequalities in the labour market and educational system; 2) cross-country comparisons regarding the division of labour between couples in paid employment and unpaid work (i.e. care work at home or volunteering in the community).

In our research we mainly use methods of quantitative empirical social analysis, i.e. we test theory-driven hypotheses using statistical methods. We analyse survey data and administrative data (especially old age insurance data), with a focus on panel data, i.e. repeated surveys. These surveys include the GSOEP, BHPS, SHARE. Our research is currently supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Pedagogically, we strive to link theory with empirical analysis in our courses. We examine a broad range of research results and hone students’ skills in developing research questions that can be answered with available empirical data and methods. The Professorship for Sociology with a Focus on Gender Studies is responsible for organising and providing courses for the interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies at the University of Konstanz.