Old-age security of people with flexible working biographies in Germany

The project addresses the question how flexible working biographies impact on old-age security in Germany. The question is how deviations from “normal working biographies”, such as employment breaks due to unemployment, child rearing and informal care as well as reduced working hours in the sense of part-time work and marginal work impact on old-age security in Germany. Special attention is paid to the possibility of women to build-up an independent old-age security preventing poverty. The aim of the project is on the one hand to analyze decisive life situations, such as unemployment and the transition to retirement, on the other hand we focus on old-age pensions as an indicator of the cumulation of inequality over the entire working life. This analysis includes all three pillars of old-age security, that is not only public pensions but also firm and private pensions.

Funding period: 2009-2012 (77.000 Euro)

Funding agency: Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Project team member: Andreas Ebert