Student Apprentice from India joins the Team

Saheli Chatterjee, a graduate student from Delhi, does an interdisciplinary internship at the University of Konstanz. In June and July she is supporting Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer and Prof. Dr. Laura Rischbieter (History Department) in their respective research projects.

Saheli Chatterjee has completed her Bachelor of Arts in History from St Stephen’s College, Delhi, India. It is in college that she developed an interest in contemporary world politics, refugee and migration and diaspora studies. She went on to participate and present papers in national and international conferences. She was particularly interested in migratory patterns and the refugee crisis in West Asia- which she eventually hopes to pursue. In 2017, her interests in community studies led her to research on and create a database for Burmese Repatriates living in her hometown, in Kolkata. She is currently deliberating on extending the database and connecting her research to contemporary analyses on the Rohingyas. She is scheduled to begin her Master’s program in International History at The Graduate Institute, Geneva, in September 2019.