Researcher from Myanmar

Nickey Diamond is a visiting researcher from Myanmar, preparing his PhD project at the Working Group Social and Political Anthropology from November to December 2018.

From November to December 2018, Nickey Diamond (Ye Myint Win) spent a month at the Working Group Social and Political Anthropology to prepare a proposal for his upcoming PhD project.
Nickey is a civil society leader focusing on youth education. In 2007, following the so-called Saffron Revolution in Myanmar, he established the organisation Youth for Social Change Myanmar (YSCM), based in Mandalay and served as its executive director until October 2013.

Under his leadership, YSCM became a professional service provider for youth who need assistance and support. Initially, YSCM focused on developing analytical skills and critical thinking among youth and students by promoting a model of co-learning and self-education. Later, YSCM turned its attention to civic education and human rights education in order to respond to issues concerning the 2008 constitutional referendum and the 2010 election in Myanmar.

In 2013, Nickey received a scholarship from the Norwegian government to implement a project called “Capacity Building for Institutes in Myanmar".

He is currently working for Fortify Rights, a human rights organization. He can be contacted under