First MA-student from Myanmar

As part of a new bilateral agreement between the University of Konstanz and the University of Yangon in Myanmar, Myo Thitsar Khine is enrolled in the MA-programme “Anthropology and Sociology” at the Department of History and Sociology.

She will stay for the winter term 2019/2010, participate in several seminars and prepare her MA-research proposal under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer.  Myo Thitsar Khine has been selected by Profs. Drs. Mya Mya Khin and Than Pale of the Anthropology Department at Yangon University, the latter has herself visited the University of Konstanz in 2018. Myo Thitsar Khine’s study is fully funded by the International Office of the University of Konstanz (under the direction of Dr. Johannes Dingler). Prof. Dr. Beyer and Dr. Felix Girke (both anthropology) had established a good working relationship to the Anthropology Department at Yangon University already in 2013. In 2016 they organized a workshop for PhD students in Yangon and taught an introductory course to anthropology.

Prof. Beyer’s two PhD students from Konstanz, Carolin Hirsch and Benedict Mette-Starke, are associated with Yangon University and in the future, MA students of “Anthropology and Sociology” from Konstanz will have the opportunity to carry out ethnographic fieldwork in Yangon.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the universities is currently being drafted.