"Don't think Twice to Ask For Zarni"

Our PhD candidate Carolin Hirsch gave together with Ada Chai an interview to "Opinion Leaders" on MI Radio, speaking about gender and sexual harassment in Yangon. They co-founded the initiative "Break The Silence: #AskForZarni" in Myanmar. This initiative raises awareness regarding sexual harassment and assault in the public space in Myanmar's former capital Yangon.

Judith Beyer on the "accountability in statelessness"

In her (Blog-) article 'Accountability in statelessness', Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer presents the outline of her ongoing research project, her role of being an country-of-origin expert in asylum cases and the anthropological concept of accountability. She furthermore presents ways in which accountablity is interlinked with statelessness.

Student Apprentice from India joins the Team

Saheli Chatterjee, a graduate student from Delhi, does an interdisciplinary internship at the University of Konstanz. In June and July she is supporting Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer and Prof. Dr. Laura Rischbieter (History Department) in their respective research projects.

Wissenschafts-Talk über die Zukunft der Grenzen

Thomas Hinz und Erdal Yalçin diskutieren im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe „Grenzgänger Wissenschaft“ am 21. Mai 2019 ab 20 Uhr im Café SiX (Hauptstr. 6, Kreuzlingen) über die Zukunft der Grenzen