Other Surveys

In cooperation with the DZHW, two online surveys were carried out as part of the HISBUS panel.

The first online survey on "internationalization and european higher education area" took place in february 2016: 16 questions with 116 items were collected; in addition, 38 items were collected for basic data. The survey included students from the HISBUS panel and the HIS convenience panel; Altogether, the overall sample included 19,398 students, of whom 9,009 were students from 269 universities (response rate 46.4%).

Volume of tables: internationalization and european higher education area 

The second online survey on "politics and social commitment" took place in march 2010. There were 20 questions field of study and the social situation and origin of students. The examined sample comprises 10,494 students.

Documantation: social commitment and political orientations of students

In 2007, the Study Quality Monitor (SQM) was developed and used for the first time in cooperation with the DZHW. The SQM is an annual online survey of students on the topic of study quality and could be used nationwide by 2017. The results were used in different publications. For more information, see DZHW.