surveyLAB: Research Projects (examples)

Konstanzer Bürgerbefragung/Konstanz Citizen Survey

A yearly, representative survey of the population of Konstanz. Since 2008 an online panel with around 1,800 respondents was established.

Bodensee 2030 – Zukunftsentwicklung im Bodenseeraum/Future trends in the Lake region

A regional foresight study, which will serve to improve the regional planning process by collecting ideas about future trends among important political and economic actors. By taking surveys, the relevant trends are identified, their relevance for the region is discussed, and the results help to come up with concrete recommendations for the regional planning procedure.  

Ethnic Discrimination on the Rental Housing Market

The surveyLAB conducted screening interviews with landlords and housing agencies in a nationwide study (DFG). In addition, housing agents were interviewed in the debriefing process after field experiments.

surveyLAB in Teaching

Winter Term 2016/17: Project Seminar, Anne Gresser

Winter Term 2016/17: Factorial Survey Experiments, Thomas Hinz

Summer Term 2016: Project Seminar, Patrick Fick / Christian Hunkler / Thomas Wöhler

Winter Term 2015/16: Lecture Quantitative Methods, Hanno Scholtz

Winter Term 2014/15: Lecture Quantitative Methods, Kilian Seng

Winter Term 2013/14: Lecture Quantitative Methods, Kilian Seng