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Research Colloquium Empirical Social Research

Colloquium Empirical Social Research in the Winter Term 2023/2024

In our research colloquium, external speakers will present results of current empirical research, which will then be discussed. In the winter term 2023/2024, we will organize the research colloquium as a hybrid event in Y213 and online via Zoom. The program is available on this website, see button below. Further information such as abstracts or working papers on individual lectures will be made available on ILIAS.

Guests are welcome. For online participation, please register by e-mail via the secretariat of the AG Hinz, so that we can send the access links. The access links will also be provided on ILIAS.

Please note the privacy policy, which you agree to by participating in the online events via Zoom.

In this semester the research colloquium is organized jointly by the professors Maarten Buis, Benita Combet (who is replacing Thomas Hinz in the winter term), Sebastian Koos, Susanne Strauß, and Claudia Diehl.