In the surveyLAB 6 interview workstations are available. We use software tools for online- and telephone-surveys. The software allows questionnaire programming and can support sampling and interviews. We also offer more complex designs in sampling (i.e. arrangement of participants' attributes). We take over the field control in all survey-projects.

We offer the following services (single items or package):

  •  Conception and planning of surveys (research and sample design)
  •  Development and designing of the survey tools (including experimental varieties)
  •  Questionnaire programming
  •  Sampling procedure
  •  Phone number management (in telephone surveys)
  •  Planning and execution of the field work
  •  Intensive support and consulting service
  •  Writing of the final report

Furthermore, the surveyLAB can be used for teaching projects and courses for methods training. Students working in survey projects have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in project management and survey research.

Upon request, we also allow students who plan a survey within their Bachelor's or Master's thesis, to make use of the surveyLAB.