Hilde Domin
Training Programme

The Hilde Domin-Programme provides academic safe spaces for students and doctoral researchers who have been forced to flee their countries. Since March 2023, the University of Konstanz provides a training programme for about 160 scholarship recipients in the Hilde Domin-Programme. The goal is to provide continuing education for students in exile who might play a key role in reconstructing their own countries at a later stage. The programme also teaches intercultural competencies in order to enable the participants to get a better foothold in Germany.

project concept

Judith Beyer, Anke Hoeffler, Wolfgang Seibel and Ulrich Wacker initiated the programme in collaboration with the DAAD and the Federal Foreign Office. The Academy of Advanced Studies (AWW) at the University of Konstanz playes a key role in providing the organizational and logistical support, as well as the virtual teaching and learning environment.

Press release
of the University of Konstanz

Read the University`s press release "Safe space for students at risk".