• Welcome to the website of the research group for Social and Political Anthropology - Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer

    The research group Social and Political Anthropology specializes in political and legal anthropology. Based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork (with a focus on Central and Southeast Asia), our current research interests are the anthropology of the state, statelessness, practices of ordering, community, authority, (neo-)traditionalization, legal pluralism, constitutional politics and activism.

  • Master of Arts - Anthropology and Sociology

    Our Master's Programme in Anthropology and Sociology brings together core elements from both disciplines in a research-oriented study programme that focuses on contemporary social issues and problems.

    Application period for summer term: 08.12.-15.01.
    Application period for winter term: 27.05- 15.07.

  • Anthropology in Konstanz

    Anthropology in Constance stands for a internationally, theory orientend and reasearch-strong science, that builds bridges to qualitative approaches in Cultural Sociology. The working groups of Prof. Dr. Thomas G. KirschProf. Dr. Judith Beyer and Prof. Dr. Stefan Leins represent regional expertises on Africa, Asia and Europe. Dr. Maria Lidola is specialized on Latin America and Europe. Our thematical emphases are in Political and Legal Anthropology, in Anthropology of Religion and Migration and on Cultures of Economy.

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  • Hilde-Domin
    training programme

    The Hilde Domin-Programme provides academic safe spaces for students and doctoral researchers who have been forced to flee their countries. Starting in March 2023, the University of Konstanz will provide a four-year training programme for about 160 scholarship recipients in the Hilde Domin-Programme. The goal is to provide continuing education for students in exile who might play a key role in reconstructing their own countries at a later stage. The programme also teaches intercultural competencies in order to enable the participants to get a better foothold in Germany.

Current news



Lecture by Judith Beyer in Geneva

In her talk Rethinking Community in Myanmar. Practices of We-Formation among Muslims and Hindus in Urban Yangon, Judith Beyer will introduce the concept of “we-formation” as a fundamental yet underexplored capacity of humans to relate to one another outside of and apart from demarcated ethno-religious lines and corporate groups.

Interview with Prof. Beyer

The University of Konstanz interviewed Prof. Judith Beyer about her current research on statelessness.

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YERUN-Article on “HDTP”

The Hilde Domin Training Programme is being introduced in the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN).

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