Organization of conferences and panels



Panel Organizer (jointly with Lena Rose, Oxford). Title: "Hope and Transformation in a Context of Uncommoning: Battles Over Plausibility and and Credibility in Asylum Procedures in Europe". At: European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). Belfast 26-29 July 2022.

December 2020 - May 2021
Webinar Series in honour of Sally Engle Merry (jointly with Prof. Julie Billaud and Dr. Agathe Mora). For Allegra Lab

Oktober 2019

(jointly with Prof. Dr. Boris Holzer, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirsch, Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer and Prof. Dr. Sven Reichardt) "Movement, Protest, Activism. Interdisciplinary Approaches to an Elusive Phenomenon". Bodenseeforum I University of Konstanz, 24-25 October 2019.

März 2019

(jointly with Yazid Ben-Hounet, EHESS, Paris). "Claiming Justice after Conflict: The Stateless, the Displaced and the Disappeared at the Margins of the State". FMSH Paris, 15 March, 2019.

November 2017

Practices of Traditionalization in Central Asia. Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz. 16-18, 2017.

September 2017

(jointly with Madeleine Reeves, Manchester University / Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz) The future of Central Asian Studies (with collective book presentations).11-13 September, 2017.

July 2017

(jointly organized with Birgit Bräuchler, Monash University, Australia) Divergent resource claims in plural ecologies. Case studies from Southeast Asia. Institute for Advanced Study, Konstanz University. July 6-8, 2017.

Participants of the workshop "Divergent resource claims in plural ecologies. Case studies from Southeast Asia", 6.-8. July 2017, University of Konstanz.

 April 2016

(jointly with Mya Khin and Felix Girke). Title: 'Doing Fieldwork in Myanmar.' University of Yangon. Myanmar-Korea Local Knowledge Centre. Yangon, Myanmar. April 1st, 2016.
Programme of the Workshop 'Doing Fieldwork in Myanmar'
You can watch the news feature here.

October 2015

(jointly with Peter Finke). Title: 'Central Asia in the 21st century. Historical trajectories, contemporary challenges and everyday encounters.' Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS). Zurich, Switzerland. Oct. 8-11, 2015.
Programme of the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) Conference

September 2009

(jointly with Madeleine Reeves and Johan  Rasanayagam). Title:  ‘Rethinking the political in Central Asia.’  University of Manchester. Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change. Manchester, UK. Sept. 14-16, 2009.

Organization of panels

October 2015

The concept of crisis and the permanent state of exception
Panel at the German Anthropological Association (GAA), Sept 30 – Oct 3 2015, Marburg, Germany.

October 2015

Two Panels:

Getting published. Do’s and don’ts.
“What is non-traditional after all? Gender, sex, and discrimination in Central Asia”

Panel at the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) Conference October 8-11 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Programme of the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) Conference

July 2014

Roundtable. "In support of Alexander Sodiqov. Researchers at risk in Central Asia" On behalf of the Centre for Anthropological Studies on Central Asia (CASCA). Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Halle, Germany. July 1, 2014.

October 2013

Panel organizer (jointly with Markus Weilenmann). Title: ‘Recht und Ethnologie – „außeruniversitär“. Neue Herausforderungen an die Rechtsethnologie.’ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde-Tagung. Mainz, Germany. Oct. 2-5, 2013.

August 2013

Panel organizer. Title: ‘Tracing legal connections. Comparing interactional patterns between courts of elders (aksakaldar sotu)   and state courts across Northern Kyrgyzstan.’ European Society for   Central Asian Studies (ESCAS). Astana, Kazakhstan. Aug. 5-6, 2013.

Summer Term 2011

Organisation of the Joint Institutes’  Colloquium of the MPI for  Social Anthropology and the Institute for  Social Anthropology, MLU,  Halle, (jointly with Patrice Ladwig, Michaela  Schäuble and Katharina Schramm): ‘Traces of the Colonial: Critical  Reflections on  (Post-)Colonial Theory’. Summer Term 2011.

August 2008

Panel organizer (jointly with Madeleine  Reeves). Title: ‘Ethnographies  of moral reasoning.’ First regional  conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS). Yssyk Köl,  Kyrgyzstan. Aug. 4-7, 2008.