Internships abroad

An internship abroad usually needs to be planned well in advance. This requires some time. We recommend starting planning about one year before your internship should begin. Please also consider the fact that you also might need a visa to enter and stay the country of your choice.

Undergraduate Students (BA) can do an internship in a european country (EU and EEA - Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway; Turkey und Macedonia) and get financial support via the ERASMUS Placement Programme. Even if you have already studied abroad with the ERASMUS Programme, you still can do an internship via the ERASMUS Placement Programme. Internships can be found in the database Erasmus Intern

Graduate Students (MA and BA with university degree) can also do an internship abroad and receive financial support via the ERASMUS Placement Programme.

Please note: After completing your undergraduate or graduate studies (BA/MA), you can receive financial support for your internship within 365 days after your exmatriculation. Some restrictions apply. So please get in touch with the staff of the Internship Office of the Department as early as possible.

Additional information about internships abroad and financial support can be found on the website of the International Office of the University of Konstanz. Financial support

For internship positions please have a look at the internship database of the Department of History and Sociology, the so-called "Praktikapool".

Reports on internship experience of your fellow students can be read on the website of our internship database ("Praktikapool").

Worldwide internship offers (partly in German).

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