How to find your internship

The internship is a very important part of your study programme and should provide you with insights in professional fields.

Preliminary considerations

An internship usually needs to be planned well in advance. The sooner you start with some preliminary considerations, the better. Identifying what really interests you, needs a certain amount of time. Talk and exchange ideas with your fellow students, lecturers, the academic advisors, the internship coordinator, the Career Service staff, your friends and family members.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What is important for you?
  • What kind of tasks do you particularly like to do? What do you love doing?
  • Which professional field would you like to get to know?
  • What kind of skills and competences would you like to acquire?

Searching for an internship

There are a wide variety of options when searching for an internship. Sometimes it will be like searching for literature in order to finish a term paper. Detours often open up new perspectives.

University support offers

  • The staff oft he Departmental Internship Office you advise and support you in any questions related to your internship in Germany and abroad. Please contact the Internship Office timely and schedule an appointment for the compulsory consultation.
  • Praktikapool - this internship database contains internship offers and reports about internships of fellow students. The database is constantly updated and you will find many internship offers in Germany or abroad. You can also upload your report online there.
  • Career Service - the staff will help you with your application. Additionally, you will receive precious information and practical tips.
  • On the J 3b level of the University library you will find a large collection of the most recent literature about applications in Germany and for foreign coutries. Please consult the literature in the area "Semesterapparate", under "Iorio/ Praktikumsbüro Geschichte und Soziologie".

Internet datebases for internships in Germany

There are many internship online databases for positions in Germany: UNICUM,prabo,, Academics, Arbeitsagentur,,,,, Jobware, trovit,JOBBÖ and many more...

Be proactive!

You can send unsolicited applications to any company or organisation. Study programmes in the field of humanities and social sciences offer you the possibility to acquire skills and competences that are needed to be successful as an intern and on the job market. Get in touch with companies well in advance and send you application. Tell friends and people you know that you are looking for an internship. Use your networks!

When to apply

Application deadlines for internships vary. Please start looking for internships timely. You should send applications about 6 months before starting your internships.

If you would like to do an internship abroad, please start planning as early as possible, at least one year in advance. Please note that you might need a visa according to the country you are from and where you would to go. This procedure may also require some time.