Internship authorisation & acknowledgement BA/MA History, BA/MA Sociology

For the acknowledgement of your mandatory internship (4, 8 or 30 ECTS, depending on the study programme) you are required to follow the following steps:

Before the Internship

  • Compulsory counselling at the Internship Office. All students have to clarify in advance if the chosen internship is suitable for authorisation and acknowledgement according to the Department's internal criteria. If you have already found some suitable internships, please print out the information and bring them to the compulsory counselling.
  • Apply for internship positions after the compulsory counselling. You can find internships offers in the departmental internship database ("Praktikapool" -> Praktikumsstellen). Additionally, internship reports of fellow students are also online to help you find an internship („Praktikapool“ -> Berichte durchsuchen).
  • Fill out the preliminary report about the internship of your choice, describe the tasks and responsibilities and your personal expectations.
  • The preliminary report must be submitted to the Internship Office 2 weeks before your internship starts (Submission via email or fax, as PDF or in person). The internship is then authorised through the internship coordinator.

During the internship

  • In urgent and serious cases you can contact the internship coordinator via email or phone any time.
  • Remember to fill out the acknowledgement sheet before your internship ends and ask your employer to stamp and sign it.

After the internship

  • You have to fill out the final report online via the internship database („Praktikapool“ -> Bericht abgeben). Upload your final report within 6 weeks after you have finished your internship. Please print out a PDF version of your final report.
  • The acknowledgement sheet with the stamp and signature of your employer and a print out of your final report have to be handed in at the Internship Office.
  • The internship coordinator is going to acknowledge your internship provided you have followed all the steps described above. The documentation is then forwarded to the Exam Secretariat and your internship is going to be recorded in StudIS (electronic student information system) with 4, 8 or 30 ECTS, according to your study programme.