Johannes Klein, M.A.

Since 1 October 2021 research assistant in the working group General Sociology and Macrosociology.

Office hours: by appointment via email.

Research Interests

  • Digital Sociology
  • Social and economic protest



Winter semester 2022/23: Social Movements

Summer semester 2022: Social Constructionism

Winter semester 2021/22: Systems Theory


Current Courses (ZEuS)


Academic degree

Since 2020
Studies in Psychology (Bachelor) at the University Saarland (2020-22) and at the University Konstanz (since 09/22)

Master’s degree in Ethnology und Sociology at the University of Konstanz.

Title of the Master’s thesis: „Migrationsdiskurs per Tweet: Eine Analyse des Zusammenhangs von Meinung und Sozialstruktur“

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (minor in Economics) at the University Konstanz.

Title of the Bachelor's thesis: „Situative Bedingungen der Normgeltung: Ein Literaturreview“

Scientific career

Since 10/2021
Academic researcher at the Chair of Prof. Boris Holzer, Ph.D. (Chair of General Sociology and Macrosociology)

09/2018 – 2021
Student and research assistant, Prof. Dr. Claudia Diehl (Chair of Microsociology)

09/2016 – 2019
Tutor oft the lecture ‚Grundbegriffe der Soziologie‘, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinz (Chair of Empirical Social Research with a focus on survey research)