Formular im SSZ
Formular im SSZ

Examination certificate & exmatriculation

You can request your examination certificate once all assessments are recordes in your grade printout. 

How to request your examination certificate

1. Check if all assessments have been recorded. Please compare your grade printout with the course overview contained in your examination regulations

Please note: Modules which are marked with BE oder BE (PV) in the transcript are modules you have successfully completed and passed. If some assessment are still missing, please contact your course lecturer. Should you need to transfer some assessments in other modules, please contact the Sociology examination office. If you have any questions regarding the planning of your studies and the recognition of courses, please contact your student advisor (Andreas Romer or Maria Lidola). 

2. If the list of your assessments is correct and complete, please contact the Sociology examination office and include the following information in your email: last name, first name, student ID number, title and module of your last assessment and the expected completing date. 

3. the Examinations Office will forward your enquiry to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) if the examination is positive. Your degree certificate will then be issued there. On the website of the Central Examination Office you will find an overview of contact persons depending on the degree you are aiming for and their current office hours.

Pleaese note - date of exams
- thesis: the exam date is the date you have handed your final work in.
- oral examination: the exam date is the day when your final oral exams has taken place.
If you have passed, the examination office will forward your request to the Central Examination Office (ZPA). 


The earliest date for exmatriculation without interrupting your studies is when you are absolutely sure to have completed all your required assessments successfully, even if the assessments might not be listed in your grade printout. Please be aware of the fact that, should you have failed an assessment, you need to enroll again before being able to take a second attempt. 

The exmatriculation can be done on a daily basis. You have time until the end of each university semester (not the lecture period!) during which you have taken your last assessment to request your exmatriculation. 

As long as you are enrolled in your course of studies you can access many university services and events that can be relevant for the planning of your future career, such as the offers of the Career Service, Centre for Transferable Skills (SQ), Language Institute (SLI), Writing Centre and your Department.