Judith Beyer speaks on Al Jazeera

Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer reported on the status of human rights in the programme ”Why are human rights defenders being targeted?” in the show “Inside Story” on Al Jazeera on 05.02.21.

Judith Beyer had an expert discussion with Rajat Khosala from Amnesty International, a specialist for advocacy and policy and Tobi Cadman an International Human Rights Lawyer. The programme draws a picture of the right now status of human rights internationally. Prof. Beyer reports about the situation of human rights activists in Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar, pertaining also to the military coup that happened in the first week of February. She also raises attention for around 10-15 million de-facto stateless people worldwide and the need for international support and help for those. She furthermore highlights the role states and the United Nations should play in the defence of human rights and the high importance of digital possibilities for networking in defending human rights.

To see the whole programme, please click here.

The video also is available on Al Jazeeraand YouTube.