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Start of Studies - MA Sociology of Inequality

Information for first-semester students

The Introductory Event is over. Please find below relevant information about getting started and  registered for your courses. For further questions please contact the Student Advisory Service.

A smooth start for International students

Being new to Germany, there is much to learn. University of Konstanz supports you with relevant informations and offers:

  • How to prepare before the departure - that's useful to know!
  • Accomodation
  • Orientation programme - please participate in Oripro Master!
  • German intensive language course - you won't need it in class, but it makes your life in Konstanz easier.
  • Online-Seminars - take a look!

Useful information for all students

  • Writing for science and profession - Schreibzentrum provides courses and consultations in English and German

Compass to your courses

1. How do I get my access data?

To register for a course, you first need the access data for ZEuS. You will receive these with your enrolment (matriculation). If you have any questions or problems, please contact

Use the access data to log in to ZEuS. You can find instructions here..

2. Which courses should I visit in the first semester?

When planning your timetable, first research which courses are scheduled for your semester. To do this, consult the study structure of the MA Sociology of Inequality programme. There you will find the following recommendations for the 1st semester:

MA Sociology of Inequality

  • Introduction/Lecture series
  • Regression analysis
  • Measurement of Inequality
  • Inequ: Groups and Domains (Migration)
  • Inequ: Groups and Domains (Gender)

This study plan is the best recommendation on how to structure your studies in order to finish within the standard period of study (4 semesters). As a rule, you should follow it and study well right from the start, otherwise you will soon not be able to keep up.

However, the study plan is not binding. So if you cannot or do not want to take part in one of the courses in the first semester, you can also take it later. Please remember, however, that this may (but does not have to) prolong your studies. This is because the basic courses are only offered once a year. Such considerations can also be a reason for a study counselling session. 

3. How can I register for my events?

Find the course catalogue under the tab "Courses" and click through the directory tree to your modules and courses until you can no longer click no further. 

You can only enrol for your courses within the enrolment period.

You will receive a place in each course. Places for the tutorials are allocated in the first session. If you go to the detailed view of a course, you can find out more about your course and do preliminary research on the topic.

The ZEuS portal contains up-to-date information and instructions on how to use Zeus.

4. What will teaching look like in the winter semester 2022/23?

The courses are planned in presence.

5. Which technical equipment do I need?

As technical equipment for your courses, you will need a computer with internet access (WiFi), webcam and microphone as well as common office (e.g. LibreOffice) and video conferencing software (Zoom, Webex).

6. What do I need ZEuS and ILIAS for?

ZEuS is the campus management system, ILIAS the system for running courses. In the course of the semester, many courses are actively recorded there - with your participation.

You can find an explanatory video about ILIAS here.