Registration process for the MA thesis

Prerequisite for registration

In order to be able to register for the Master's thesis, at least half of all required course-related examinations (excluding the Master's thesis) must have been completed (45 ECTS).

Registration Procedure

  1. Students request the registration documents from Robert Bucifal (Central Examination Office – Zentrales Prüfungsamt, room C 406) at least 4 weeks before the respective registration period:
    February 1st-15th (start of the 6-month processing period: end of March) or
    – July 1st-15th (start of the 6-month processing period: end of September)
  2. The Students need to contact an Examiner who will supervise the thesis and agree on the topic of their Master's thesis. Additionally, students have to propose a second examiner.
  3. Students send the completed registration form (pdf) for signature by mail to the respective Student Advisor (Andreas Romer or Maria Lidola). The Advisor will verify that the prerequisites for registration of the Master’s thesis have been met.
  4. Please send the completed and signed form to Robert Bucifal

Please mind the information and forms for final exams provided by the Central Examinations Office.

When all requirements of the study programme have been met: apply for a final certificate and exmatriculate.

Status: 26.07.2023