Project: Integrated Student Survey

The current research project is a subproject of the joint survey “One for All. The Student Survey in Germany” (“Eine für alle. Die Studierendenbefragung in Deutschland”), which is conducted in cooperation with the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Study (DZHW) and the German National Association for Student Affairs (Deutsches Studentenwerk DSW) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project term started in April 2019 and ends in March 2022. The nationwide survey is scheduled for the summer semester 2020. More Information about the whole project can be found at:

Parts of the topics of the student survey are supposed to be carried on in the new integrated project so that temporal developments can continuously be presented. The task of the research group on higher education in this subproject is the development of three different modules for the survey of students’ orientation.

The key aspects of these three modules are:

  1.  Attitudes towards politics and society
  2. Inequality and fairness at the university and in society
  3. Attitudes, expectations and problems during the transfer to university and within the higher education system, consisting of three subgroups:
  • transition to university (new students from the first to the third  semester)
  • Transition into master’s programme (mainly B.A. students from 4. semester)
  • Transition to doctoral studies (mainly M.A. students)

 Research findings will be evaluated and published in 2021.