Pia Maier 

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Email: pia.maier@uni-konstanz.de

Post office box: Fach 153

Scientific career

Pia Lorina Maier is a PhD candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Department of Sociology and History and in the graduate school "The Problem of the Real in Modern Culture" since May 2014.

B.A. (2011) in Sociology and Spanish Studies

M.A. (2013) in Sociology with a Focus on Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Sociology

at the University of Konstanz, the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași (Romania) und the McGill University in Montréal (Canada).



  • Avoiding the Suffering. Techniques of the self in the preparation and debriefing of trauma-work. Seminar: Anthropology of Suffering, Baden-Württemberg seminar by Maria Lidola, 21.06.18.
  • Dialogical Anthropology, Transatlantic Seminar "Singularity and Representation", University of Chicago, 26.05.18.
  • Contrapunteo "Trauma": Nicaraguan criticism beyond psychiatric conventions, panel: Contrapunteo Medical Anthropology: Talking back to
    Convention, conference Contrapunteo,  organized by the Canadian Anthropological Association with the Universidad de Oriente (CASCA-Cuba), Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, 19.05.18.
  • Vulnerabilities at work. Insights from trauma trainings and domestic violence counselling, mit Melanie Brand, SANT/FAS Conference on "Vulnerabilities", April 19th to 21st in Uppsala, Sweden, 19.04.18
  • The counter concept of Trauma in Nicaragua, UNAN in León, Nicaragua, 14.03.18
  • Working on emotion: trauma training for humanitarian interventions, Care in Crisis – Ethnographic Perspectives on Humanitarianism, Section: Emerging socialities: negotiating affective asymmetries, Department of Anthropology and African Studies (ifeas), University of Mainz, Germany, 24.02.18
  • Causal chains in explanatory models for "trauma" - German and Nicaraguan Examples, 19. Jahrestagung der DeGPT / 22. Zürcher Psychotraumatologietagung, University of Zürich, 10.02.17
  • Helpers in the conflict between care and self-care. Anthropological perspectives, 4. Deutsche Fachtagung Notfallpsychologie - Wissenschaft und Theorie treffen Praxis, University of Magdeburg, 16.10.15


Counselling 'the Vulnerable', with Melanie Brand, SANT/FAS Conference on "Vulnerabilities", April 19th to 21st in Uppsala, Sweden, 19.04.18


  • Seminar "Trauma" from a sociologal and anthropological viewpoint, Winter Term 2015/16, University of Konstanz
  • Spring Term 2018 - UNAN in León (Nicaragua) - Norwegian program "Latin American Studies" (Kulturstudier) - three lectures: "Introduction to Latin American Studies II", "Family and Household", and "Health and Wellbeing"
  • Guest lecture in the seminar "anthropology of crisis" by Michael Bürge


Type Institution
Membership Graduate School "The Problem of the Real in Modern Culture""
Membership Chair of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Membership Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
Membership Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA)