Franziska Duarte dos Santos

Scientific Career

Franziska Isabel Duarte dos Santos is a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology. She studied at the University of Hamburg and the University of Coimbra ‚Ethnic Studies/Cultural Anthropology‘ (B.A.). She completed her Master’s degree in ‚Studies in European Culture‘ at the University of Konstanz and the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. In the course of her M.A. thesis, she analysed the ‘(re)production of normality and deviance in everyday school’s practice‘.

In her PhD research, which she started in October 2016, she explores activist initiatives undertaken by (faith-based) organizations that are promoting male involvement in gender-based violence prevention in South Africa. Her ethnographic research is part of the project ‘The Soft Voice of Activism. Christian Lobbying and Reform in the Fields of Sexual Rights and Domestic Violence in Botswana and South Africa’ funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project is supervised by Prof Thomas Kirsch and co-supervised by Prof Rijk van Dijk.


Summer 2016: ‚(Re)Presentations of Europe in Literature and Film’ at Salem Kolleg, Überlingen (together with Rebecca Puchta, M.A.)

Summer 2016: ‚Inclusion: Taking stock of the current debate’ (together with Dr. Anna Kusser)

Summer 2016: ‚With 4 senses - diversity and change of perspectives’ (together with Dr. Anna Kusser and Robert Stock, M.A.)

Organisation of Workshops

Workshop: The Politics of Masculinity, 15 November 2018, University of Pretoria.

Workshop: Exploring Religious Activism in Southern Africa, 9-10 November 2018, University of Botswana, Gaborone. Organised together with Rijk van Dijk, Thomas Kirsch and Kim Molenaar.

Workshop: Exploring Religious Activism in Southern Africa, 21-22 September 2017, Pretoria. Organised together with Prof. Dr. Rijk van Dijk, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirsch und Kim Molenaar.

Presentations (selected)

November 2018: The Politics of Healing. Masculinities, Activism and Christianity in South Africa. Workshop: Exploring Religious Activism in Southern Africa, University of Botswana, Gaborone.

September 2018: ‘I’m a living testimony.’ Gender Activism and Charismatic Christianity in South Africa. Conference: Anthropology Southern Africa Conference, University of Botswana, Gaborone.

September 2017: (Re)Forming Men. Activism in the Field of Gender-based Violence in South Africa. Workshop: Exploring Religious Activism in Southern Africa, University of Pretoria.

February 2017: Empowering Men with Biblical Knowledge. Workshop: Activism, Anthropologically Speaking, University of Konstanz.

Main research interests

- Political Anthropology
- Ethnography of Activism
- Gender und Disability Studies
- Science and Technology Studies