Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer

Room: 4
Otto-Adam-Str. 5
78467 Konstanz

Phone: 07531-88-5804


Jeannine-Madeleine Fischer received her phD from Ludwig-Maxmilians-University Munich in 2019. Her thesis was about „Urban ethics and environmental care. Ideals, negotiations and practices around the good city in Auckland,  Aotearoa New Zealand“. Starting from October 2020 she is part of the NOMIS-project „Traveling Forms“  exploring transnational diffusions of aesthetical and ethical protest forms in Durban, South Africa.

Her current research interests are human-environment-relations, interfaces of medical and environmental anthropology, activism, aesthetics, creativity and body performations, entanglements of ethics and politics as well as urban research and psychological anthropology. She is interested in innovative forms of ethnographic fieldwork, particularly in multisensory ethnography.

Her regional foci are Aotearoa New Zealand and South Africa.



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