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New Edition "Arbeitsmarktsoziologie"

The 3rd, completely revised and extended edition of the volume "Arbeitsmarktsoziologie" has just been published as eBook and print edition (Springer Publishing, July 2018)

Recently published

Diehl, Claudia/Auspurg, Katrin/Hinz, Thomas (2018): Who Is Afraid of Skilled Migrants from Europe? Exploring Support for Immigration Control in Switzerland. Swiss Journal of Sociology 44(1): 59-88 (open access)

Vertretung für Prof. Judith Beyer

In den kommenden beiden Semestern wird Prof. Judith Beyer ein Fellowship am Kulturwissenschaftlichen Kolleg der Universität Konstanz wahrnehmen, um an ihrem Buch "Communal Sense. Religion, Property and Corporate Others in Myanmar" zu schreiben.

Grant from German Research Found (DFG):

The German Research Found (DFG) will provide 1,400.000 euros for a period of three years for the research project ”New migrants and refugees in Germany: processes of settlement and integration in comparative perspective“.