Artikel online


(together with Felix Girke) Harmony Ideology at The Hague. Myanmar before the International Court of Justice. For: Public Anthropologist.

(together with Felix Girke) Aung San Suu Kyi at the International Court of Justice: when the personal is political. For: Open Democracy.

Introduction to stateless/displaced/disappeared. For: Allegra Lab.

Accountability in statelessness #stateless/displaced/disappeared. For: Allegra Lab.

Recentering the side-lines. On the politics of “standing by”. For: Public Anthropologist,.


(together with Madeleine Reeves). After the eulogy? The future of Central Asian Studies in the accelerated academy. For: Allegra Lab.

Saints in politics: Aung San Suu Kyi and the dilemmas of political desire. For: Open Democracy. 

Reviewing the Review Process. For: Allegra Lab.


Celebrating Arba'een. Shia in Myanmar. For: Allegra Lab.

On Parasitic Professionalism. For: Allegra Lab.

Naypyitaw: Rescaling materiality, capitalizing space. For: FocaalBlog. 


Rights and Responsibilities. Anonymous Peer Review. For: Allegra Lab. 

Anthropology between book and blog. Evaluation criteria and communication in contemporary academia. For: Allegra Lab. 


Bears and the Russian Body Politic. Watching Vladimir Putin's Press Conference on 18 December 2014. For: Allegra Lab. 

Simulacrum Crimea. For: Allegra Lab.

Which constitution? What order? Constitutional politics in Ukraine. For: Allegra Lab.  


Ethnonationalismus   in   Kirgistan.   Die   Ereignisse   im   Juni   2010   [Ethno- nationalism in Kyrgyzstan. The June 2010 events]. For: Zentralasien-Analysen 31/32. pp.11-14 (in German). 

Kyrgyzstan. Referendum in a Time of Upheaval. For: Open Democracy. 


'It  has to start from above': Making politics before and  after the March  revolution in Kyrgyzstan. Danish Society for Central  Asia's Electronic. For: Danish Society for Central Asia´s Electronic Quarterly 1. pp. 7-16.